Welcome to Idhayam – A true delight of South India in the Americas.

Meenakshi Overseas LLC is a leading name in the food trading business headquartered in New Jersey, U.S.A and is recognized as a one stop destination offering a wide range of premium quality products.

Our customer centric approach coupled with a clear Vision, insight and pioneering innovation have helped Meenakshi to grow manifold in the past 15 years and launch its very own leading brands including “Idhayam” & “Idhayam South Indian Delite” products in the USA, Canada and various other countries around the globe.

Our efficient management and customer service teams pay utmost attention to detail to offer fresh products and ensure selection of the finest quality materials. Our strength lies in giving our valued customers the best prices with a guaranteed quality assurance.

Amidst the North Indian savoury products that held a predominant position in the aisles of the Indian grocery stores in the North America’s, Idhayam South Indian Delite products started to attain its popularity among the Indian, American and Canadian shoppers.

The mantra behind the success of Meenakshi’s “Idhayam South Indian Delite” is its commitment towards the quality and in manufacturing its 32 different varieties of snacks with a unique blend of spices to treat its customers with the true delight of South India.

Today, Meenakshi Overseas LLC takes pride in being the trademark owners and distributors of Idhayam- sesame oil, Idhayam South Indian Delite – range of products including ghee, appalam and multigrain atta in the American and Canadian land.